Durable, Long-Lasting Flat Roofs in the Cattaraugus, Fredonia, and Western, NY Areas

Discover the benefits of getting a flat roof for your property

When you think of a roof on a commercial building or home, you might picture a flat roof. Flat roofs are favored among property owners because of their low-profile appearance and great benefits. Richter Roofing offers some of the best flat roofing services in the Cattaraugus & Fredonia, New York areas and beyond.

Why do we think you should choose a flat roof for your property? Flat roofs:

  • Require little maintenance
  • Are easy to repair should they be damaged
  • Are more affordable than other roofing materials
  • Can be transformed into an outdoor lounge, garden and more

If you're thinking about flat roofing for your commercial building, imagine replacing your bulky HVAC unit with a rooftop unit. The possibilities are endless. Contact us now to learn more about how you can use your flat roof.

Choose from several excellent flat roof types

Choose from several excellent flat roof types

Our insured roofers install several types of residential and commercial flat roofs. You can choose from a range of options that includes TPO, spray foam and PVC. To find out which option might suit your building, reach out to us today.